Range from 500VA to 50KVA. 

This type of UPS is specially designed for Computers, Medical Equipments, Telephone Exchange boards and other sophisticated  Equipments for which a clean, constant & uninterrupted power supply is indispensable. The technology applied here is pulse width modulation (PWM) with a power device based on IGBT/MOSFET, controlled with Micro Controllers.  It is also available as in-built battery type for 1 to 2 hours back up. 

Technical Specification 
Input  AC single Phase, 230V (165-270V)/440V three phase, 50Hz +/- 5%
Output  230V, AC Single Phase +/- 1%
Frequency 50Hz (+/- 0.01%)
DC Voltage 12/24/36/48/60/72/96/120/240V (depending upon system rating)
Inverter PWM Technology (Pulse width modulated), Mosfet/IGBT based
Waveform Sine wave
Interface Voice power alert software suitable for win95/98/NT (R.S.232)
Indicators MAINS on/inverter on/ups on Battery,Output High,Output Low, Trip
Alarm Battery low with audio alarm
Meters DC volts AC volts load current
By pass provision Auto or static by pass-optional
Over load Capacity 105% continuous/125%  20 Sec/150%  10Sec
T.H.D. Less than 5% at linear load.
Power Rating Range 250 VA to 50 KVA
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