Auto Phase Selector

Having launched many successful power conditioning products, the desire to innovate new equipments is ever increasing.   M/s Digital Power Links proudly introduces Auto Phase Selector (APS) System.  This is a micro controller based device and is used with three phase electrical supply.  Whenever the supply of one or two phases of a three phase electrical line goes off, the APS system automatically distributes the electrical supply from the active phase to the failed phases.  This ensures continuous power supply through all the three phases even if one phase is active.  Whenever there is a disturbance in the Neutral line of the electrical supply due to natural calamities or due to poor maintenance, there is a possibility for a high voltage to enter into our lightings and all 230 volts power based equipments and damage the same.  To prevent such situations the APS system has a built in Neutral Sensing Circuit which is introduced for the first time in India by M/s Digital Power Links.  This circuit will sense the neutral line and disconnect the electrical supply with an audio alarm thereby safeguarding all power based equipments from damage.

Salient Features :
Micro Controller Based 
Delayed changeover to avoid phase to phase clash
High current Relays and Contractors are used in changeovers to get longer life and trouble free operation
Neutral Sensing protection to avoid high voltage damages
13 LED indications to display actual power status
Elegant design
Easy wall mounting Installation


Technical Specification
Model No.
Load Current
Load Details
(2KVA per phase)
8 Amps / Phase
15 KVA
(5KVA per phase)
20 Amps / Phase
Lighting + AC - 1 No
Or (Recommended Load Current)
22.5 KVA
(7.5KVA per phase)
32 Amps / Phase
Lighting + AC - 2 Nos
Or (Recommended Load Current)
36 KVA
(12KVA per phase)
48 Amps / Phase
Lighting + AC - 3 Nos
Or (Recommended Load Current)
45 KVA
(15KVA per phase)
60 Amps / Phase
Lighting + AC - 4 Nos
Or (Recommended Load Current)